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Your search for the top market research company in Egypt has finally come to an end. At Feedback Market Research, we take utmost pride in holding two decades of experience in providing detailed, insightful and data-driven reports and information to clients across the MENA region. As a full-service market research agency based in Egypt, we are here to help our esteemed clients gain insight into their respective markets, customers and consumers.

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Our highly professional and experienced market research experts allow us to offer the best quality services to our clients that help them in setting and achieving their business goals successfully by making the right decisions. Dedicated to client well-being, our reports are prepared using an array of methodologies, including interviews, ethnographies, group discussions and more. Our sectoral expertise spans Telecom, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Banking, Media, Government, Utilities among others.

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No matter your interests or requirements, Feedback Market Research is here to fulfill them as best as possible. With complete transparency into the data acquisition process, we boast of a strong operations unit that makes it possible for us to control the quality of data gathered and how it is processed. Whether you are interested in evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, or want to reduce business risks by acquiring information about the interests of your target audience, we’ve got you covered!

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