Our Core Values

We are creating strong momentum at FeedBack, as we navigate our new goals, structures and measures of success. Our core values define who we are and how we deliver the results we have promised to our clients and partners.

Improve and Innovate

Rather than following, we focus on what needs to be done to lead the market when it comes to client experiences, product and technology innovations, and operational excellence. We spend time with our clients, continually learning about their business and unmet needs, and finding new ways to add more value. We create a work environment that demands innovation, questioning the status quo.

Deliver with Accountability

We ensure performance is progressing to expectations, by reviewing regularly what is working, what is not, and what is missing. We define success on all projects in order to ensure expectations are being met or exceeded. If projects are off schedule, we intervene to get them back on track quickly and effectively, to be able to deliver as promised. We know when and how to escalate respectfully.

Always Find a Way

‘No’ and ‘We cannot do it’ are not part of our dictionary. We foster discussions that get diverse points of view and solutions on the table, to know where to go and how to get things done for our clients. We solve problems by always addressing the real causes, and constantly asking ‘What else can I do?’ to make it better.

Think and Act as a Team

We collaborate with open-mindedness and act as one, helping all team members build realistic plans that deliver quality results to their clients. We are committed to what is best for the team, rather than what is best for ourselves, and make time to help team members, so that they can do their job better and serve clients better.

Be Respectful

We treat everyone with dignity and respect, regardless of their level, role, background or the situation at hand. We are open to and interested in other people’s ideas, and appreciate their strengths and contributions.